Ride A Dream

About Us

 We have been actively racing ultra cycling events since 2007 after a knee injury  ended my running career that spanned over 30 years and 199 road racing victories.   Notable running accomplishments included the following: 1:53 half mile / 4:07 mile / 8:45  2  mile / 14:43 5k / 30:21 10k / 49:58 10 mile /  67:09 half marathon  / 2:19:55 marathon / 5:35  50 mile / 13:20 100 mile. As our passion for competing  and success in sport has continued through 4 decades I have been able to help others see the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. We have coached both athletes and non-athletes and helped  them with goals both competitive and non-competitive. Our hope has been to promote health and fitness as a lifestyle as well as to instill the thought that anything is possible through hard work and perseverance. The human spirit is amazingly resilient and our limits far exceed what most believe humanly possible.

    Our team has experienced a lot of success  and we have tried and continue to work to help others less fortunate by raising funds and awareness for various charities. Our life's are very busy but if we all try and give just a little back together we"ll make a huge difference. This year we are trying to raise money for "Tribe" See Tribe Page: .I hope you can find it in your heart to donate to our cause as we prepare for The Race Across The West.  Remember any amount helps, no donation is ever to small . If you can't donate a prayer definitely helps.

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