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   Welcome to our ultracycle racing site.Ultra Cycling simply defined would be any race over 200 miles where drafting is not permitted . Most races are 24 hrs or longer with several in the 500 mile range and go up to the Race Across America which is 3000 miles raced in one stage in 12 days or less.We hope to keep you updated on our progress as we compete in the 2019 Race Across The West from Ocean Side Calif. to Durango, Colorado (935 miles).  We will update our 2019 racing season as it unfolds with reports and pictures.

   Please visit our Tribe Page which has been dedicated to Military suffering with PTSD and and other related stress disorders during and after active duty ,providing an alternative way of coping thru Yoga .   I want to dedicate this site and all our efforts to all our Veterans who so bravely protected us throughout our history.  Please join us in helping the men and woman in The Armed Forces develop life long coping skills for  mental health and fitness. A very special thanks and dedication to my Daughter Jessica, who served 2 tours as a Medic in both Iraq and Afghanistan and her own battle with PTSD, and alcoholism  , Her triumphant recovery with the help of yoga and its practices ,led her to later establish " Tribe " which now at no cost to them,  will give so many a chance to find a lifestyle that  makes one both physically and mentally stronger . No matter what else happens each day the ability to feel strong and positive about our own being carries us over the next hill. This allows us all to truly "Ride A DREAM" 

Visit our TRIBE PAGE and give with your heart  .   THANK-YOU



    Thank-you for all your support, team, sponsors ,friends and fans for a great      2011,culminating with a third place finish in THE RACE AROUND IRELAND.      (2200 kl. ), 2012 was marred with an early season injury in "The Heart of The    South" ultra-cycling race during a hail storm which resulted in a shoulder injury. These wows continued with several personal issues including the death of my  beloved father  which caused us to abandon the 2012 season.  2013  brought a new zest for ultra-cycling, which carried us into 2014. 

   In 2014 we won The Adirondack Ultra Cup covering

  1831 miles in 126 hrs. and 05 min. averaging 14.5 mph.

   In 2015-2017 was spent getting my youngest son through High School as

  a single parent. Chris is now in the United States Coast  Guard  allowing me      to   return to actively training and racing. 

   In 2019 we intend to Race Across The West (935 miles)                              



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